we were only ment to be in today if we were invited..
so i went in coz i had to finish my maths, do some art n moderate some french
ended up staying in french all day with jess n james lol
it was welllllll funy!!!
proper awsome skool day.. we had such a laugh!!!
we went down to the village at dinner.. taking all the teachers sandwhich orders..
it was a really nice chilled atmosphere..
most of the things we were tlaking about are unfortunetly
inapropraite to write on here for a number of reasons…
AND WE WENT TO GET THE TEABAG!!!!!!!… but we cudnt believe it..
i was hanging off a door.. screaming ‘hold me jess hold me’
and after all that!!! it wasnt even a teabag!! so god damn gutted!! it was a stupid
top of a prngle box in disgise!! well that just puts jokes of french lessons all down the toilet!!

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