ha ha ha… got some footage last night for my recentist video
lukin realllly gud so far…
was sooo funny..but my neck is proper killin me now from all the head bangin..
he he he..ill try put it on the blog when its finished if i can..
Megz rocked on guitar.. she was proper goin for it..
vicky on her home made guitar lol…
claire on drums.. n me with the mic…
once its all edited n stuff shud look gud
but watchin the footage back was well embarassin lol..
thank u all !!!!!!!! for helpin me out!! *big hugs*

2 Responses to “ROCK VIDEO”

  1. moo Says:

    We F**kin rocked k8!!
    sorry about the “strings” on vickys guitar tho hahaha
    they wer a bit poo i can admit!
    I can hardly moce my neck tho
    but worth it

  2. kate Says:

    right you lot , headbangin is a no no ,you need your brains for GCSE dont rattle them around , there now , I have spoken :I xx