ofcourse it was our anual charmed night…
however we were waitin…n waitin..for it to come on..n i was in a drastic mood…
so we made a tree swing sorta thing in the hall…
(its k i got permission and we checked if it would damage any of the house structure.
.n it was all fine)
IT WAS WELL GOOD!!!! got some filmin dun to!! n we kinda kept adding more things to it..
changin it to different types of swings..
however tho lol si did occationally go into the wall..
especially on the tester swing!!! (bless him)..
however still after all that.. we still had time before charmed came on
so we made some smooothies!! they were gorgeous!!!!!!!
(thanks for cheerin me up si :))

3 Responses to “CHARMED NIGHT”

  1. Jess Says:

    wow babe you did it you built a tree swing in you hall! now all you need to do is send a video in to you’ve been framed and you’ll be rich i tell you rich!

  2. kate Says:

    i am shakin my head with my eyes averted to the ceiling ………..oh ….and tutting, good job i luv ya bigs xx

  3. kate Says:

    oh…by the way the structure of the house was fine ….they tied it to my bed !!!!!!!!