FRIDAY!: ok so .. not many was out lol.. however it turned into a quite interesting night lol…
im sure u all know what im on about.. it was scary.. yet sorta funny.. yet exciting all in one…
and dont morrisons n asda just luv us lol!!!
then i stayed at jess’s.. and that was good.. we watched films n had a usual girly chat!!!
SATURDAY!: still recouperating from the night before,,, i cudnt really be bothered doing anything,,,
so i started on painting my wardrobes…then later on i babysat..which was kool coz i got £20..
we had fun…unfortunetly fun i cant comment on..on my blog…
SUNDAY!: well.. went cinema’s…n looked for some revision guides…t’sall guuurrdd

One Response to “WEEEKKEENDD UPDATE!!!”

  1. Jess C Says:

    sorry had to be said 😛 luv ya hun
    jess c xxxxxxxxxxxx