everyone looks forward to saturday nights!!

i dont think is seen a man scream in such a way before lol…
lol but it dint half look painfull…
form no-where like this whiping with tea-towels kinda started in the kitchen..
n i was wackin pete over the head with a bottle coz he had me in a lock.. n i was like
so yeah lol..but you should see the mark on his back now lol!!
graham sint half whip him one lol..
i felt mean on him but i was still literally rolling on the floor laughin..

4 Responses to “everyone looks forward to saturday nights!!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    It was a great night Kate.
    I haven’t been able to enjoy myself since Kraig died. It was just what I needed.
    Thank you Paula and Pete. xxxx

  2. kate Says:

    no problem Jackie,it was lovely to haveyou all over

  3. kate Says:

    sorry that last comment was off me…;-)
    Paula x

  4. kate Says:

    it was a good night…:)