went to manny today… n as usual got into mischief…lol
n what was worse.. steven came to..n i always seem
to get into mischief with him..lol
just had a laugh…hugged a giant tap to lol!!!
got a really dirty look of this women on the escalator for playin bogies
b singin oparah incredably loud everywhere we went…but crimbo themed..(sometimes sparked smiles)
jess decided not to que up for the womens toilets n went in the mens…
was incredably interestin..chloe and her monkey noises lol…n some random other stuff happened..
did a bit of crimbo shoppin to :D..

2 Responses to “MARY MADELIN’s TEXTURED!!! HA HA HA”

  1. Jess Says:

    wow what a good day! and wat can i say they should have more womens toilets in public places! luv yaxx

  2. kate Says:

    ha ha ha hell yeah jess!!!