he he he… wow… well what can i say!!!
didnt expect it to be anything like that!!!
but…. hey.. lol im not complainin lol 😛
anyway… had an amazing time!!
thanks everyone for making it such a special night!!
i love you all!!! soooooooooo much!!

6 Responses to “PAAARRTTAYY!!!!”

  1. meggu Says:

    hehe gr8 party k8!! it rocked yay 88 solo!!! lol go us *high fives*

  2. kelbobaloobob Says:

    OMFG!!! it was soooo totally awesome!!! luv ya xxxxxxxxxx

  3. kate Says:

    you great bunch, thanx for not trashin my house , xxxxxxxx

  4. kate Says:

    last comment from sue not kate xxxxx

  5. Jess Says:

    wow babe that party was spank u gotta have another like now.lol luv ya x x x x

  6. fjhvjh Says:

    hahaha tomi? bentürküm ve bunlar çok yapmacık