ANGIES PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS TOTALLY ACE!!!!! i had so much fun!!
the bouncy castle rocked!!!lol barely stayed on the ground mind u
everyone was great…it was all one hell of a laugh..(specially megan lol)
lol stevie’s n tims costume was amazin lol…(a horse)
we went to terrorise asda.. i pretty much nicked tims hat lol!!!!
twas gud.. loadsa thing that made it special..thanks for the invite t’angie!!!!

4 Responses to “ANGIES PARTY!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. meggu Says:

    pmsl!! omg how mcuh did i get hurt on that bouncy castle i have like 5 bruises lol!! ouch! anyway f****g amazing party

  2. kate Says:

    ha ha ha daddy longlegs on the bouncy castle xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. angie Says:

    wow how great was my party :D:D:D i had so much fun yay!!!!! thanks to every1 hu came it was fatabulous :P:P:P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Nicky Says:

    wow…ow gd w dat!!!! got bit hur on da bouncy castle tho…..ppl kept standin on me n ye i got bruises too lol ;D xxxxxxxxxxxx