on monday… went down to morrisons to meet the crew.. and hang about for a bit
started walking around morrisons. acting like a spaz.. was incredably funny..
i was being dragged across the floor by my foot.. whilst i was grabbing shelves
atempting to stop myself.. running round in a bizare manner..using items as hats!!
lol and i threw a newspaper at jess and the papers flew everywhere..i fell ova a trolly
and went bum ova breast!!lol.it was SOOOOOO funny.. but one of those had to be there moments!!
suprised we didnt get thrown out actually…then i opened these doors..not noing it would set the fire alarm off!!!
and theres me paniking thinking the building would be evacuated!!..i nealry peed!!
but after it was quite funny!!!

2 Responses to “OMG!!!!!!!”

  1. Jess Says:

    I am never going 2 Morrissons wiv u agen! lol nah i av 2 admit was well funny!

  2. k8 Says:

    wat the hell r u goin anbout !!!!!!!!!