today chloe came up and we went on a random trek ova the hills
and discovered where not actually that far away from stalybridge park
so we hung about there for a bit.. adventuring into the new woods
playing on a really kool swing..btw the view from the top of the hill was great!!
AND WE FOUND BAMBOO…. and a pove or a digeon (however u wana luk at it)

2 Responses to “RAndOM TREK”

  1. Jess C Says:

    U shudda told me u were down there- i live about a 25 minute walk frm there lol!! that swing rocks

  2. stampy Says:

    hi, tryin to find a website where you can write about random drunken treks, this is the closest i found…u went on a trek over the hills. Me and my m8s get extrememly drunk and then trek to whereever the world takes us. We walked 26 miles through the night and got home at 9 a.m the other day. EXTREMELY FUN!!!!!! YES