today we went to manchester dressed up french lol
however vikki and jess gave up half way threw
lol but it was so funny.. the looks and the fun we had was amazing
randomly screaming bonjour threw the streets of manchester
i hugged a one man band person…
then we got FREE face paint.. and got are photo take on a giant hand
(photos of that soon to follow)
we meet alot of random ppl.. the wierdest had to be the one on the tram
and it was great.. i was dressed french with a spider web face
singing oparah as loud as i could on the tram!!!!! he he he

One Response to “BONJOUR!!!”

  1. Jess Says:

    wow! any1 dat goes 2 my skool is it just me or does that really look alot like Mr Bibby in dat last pic!