me n jess waitin a hole our for a bus
to go to stamford park fair..
are first impressions were.. OMG
it was that bad.. it was amazing..
but u no what were liek.. we can make fun out of ANYTHING
so we went in the fun house 😛 jess fell over on the spinny thing lol
n this little girl ran into a wall in the mirror bit!!! PMSL
and we stayed on the barrelle for ages.. then we went on the sizzlers..
2wice!! my phone flew out my pocket!! then we went into ashton
went cheapo shopping and we both got a really kool PINK bag!!

3 Responses to “STAMFORD PARK”

  1. x kels x Says:

    wot happened 2 invitin me??? eh??? only jokin……..jess i like ur streak!

  2. Jess Says:

    gr8 day babe!

  3. daniel eades Says:

    where did you get the photo from man