last night we decided it wud be fun to play a little game
the aim of the game was to have 16 minging substances of food
on a bit of a rivita cracker!!.. we aranged thse substances onto
a ”LADY” susan.. so wot we did is we spun a wooden spoon to reveal the first player
and then went round in a anti clockwise direction..
spinning the ”LADY” susan to see what disgusting food you had to eat..
in my opinion it was HORRIBLE but it was so funny to watch people
people were reching and heaving everywhere..one of mine was that disgustin
i heaved it back up into a cup!!

4 Responses to “MINGIN FOOD”

  1. kate Says:

    BTW- This comment is by Jess! That was the most discusting thing i think i av ever done! Rivita with cough meicine and spices is not nice! (trust me) and that tabasco sauce, garlic clove, lemon and cocoa powder was even worse! Next time Vicky has another brilliant idea like that i am out!

  2. kate Says:

    pmsl… my stomach just couldnt handle it…k8 xxxx was funny tho lol

  3. Vicky Says:

    Mwuhahaha you no u luved my idea ;)hehehe was loads of fun even if we were all nearly sick…….*shifty eyes* They’re on to me…..lol

  4. kate Says:

    pmsl i love that film!!!! ” A GOOSE!!!” XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX