hey sorry i havnt wrote in a while.. havnt had any time
mostly bin at the clubhouse decorating n stuff!!

other than that.. i slept at chloes last nite which was gud lol
didnt get to sleep until 6 tho so im knackerd!!
got a random visit from cec and danielle which was kool 🙂
and got my eyebbrow pierced lol 😛
talk about spur of thee moment!!!

11 Responses to “RAAAAAAAAA”

  1. megan Says:

    wow!!:-D did it hurt when you got it done?? Bet it looks well good 😛

  2. Vikki Says:

    RAWR I AM HOME NOW :D:D:D:D YOU BEST HAVE LEFT SOME PAINTING FOR MOI!!!! 😛 woooo missed ya all loads and can’t wait to see ya……..but from what i can see it looks great:D

  3. kate Says:

    hurt a bit..but i was to busy worryin bout avin a needle shobed rite close to my eye.. practiclly both my worst fears!!
    didnt hurt as much as my ear tho *ponders*

  4. Jess Says:

    WOW UR BRAVER THAN ME BABE! Luv ya x x x x

  5. nick Says:

    ha ha ha i was there hey everybody she was soooooo cooool

  6. kate Says:

    wow im getting a lot of comments recently.. any one noticed?? *touch wood*

  7. kate Says:

    Nicky is crap at paintin! ha ha ha only kidden babe! luv ya (Jess agen) x x x x x x

  8. kate Says:

    wow there is 7 comments on ere.. well 8 now

  9. kate Says:

    ok 9!!!!!! 😛

  10. Nicky Says:

    sssshhhh…..so wot if i cant paint….i can stil make icing!!! *shifty eyes* lol lv u lots xxxxxxxx

  11. raaaaaaaaa Says: