went to jess’s last night after manchester
went ova stuff that we can do in the holidays
n decided to stay at mine
we went to morrisons with £4-65
and went to the discount ile ( dunno why ppl think thats bad)

n we got all this stuff…..

its amazin.. n as sad as we are we worked out how much we saved!! we saved..
(drum roll please) £4.03!!!!! that is like almost the amount we spent
so its like we got double for our money!!!! we were amazed
came to mine and overal in the night we watched 4 DVd’s alltogeva!!
lol n jess watched 6 coz i fell asleep.. but JESS DIDNT WAKE ME UP!!!
we filmed this dodgey dance thing that took like 4 takes to do
lovin the song tho.. n we drew on are faces with eyeliner….

3 Responses to “ME N JESS!!!!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Love the pictures k8! NOT!!! AND BTW DAT EYELINER IS STILL STUCK IN MY EYEBROWS! Luv Ya x x x

  2. Vicky Says:

    Haha looks like ya had fun lol lovein the eyeliner….looks VERY sexy lol 😉 Can’t wait to come home….missin ya all loadz

  3. megan Says:

    wow!! ya both look well kool!! hehe lvya xXx 🙂