HE HE HE… was one of those nights
missed the buss.. went to cinema to watch madigasca
which had me in stitches!! then we went to vikkis for a ten min BBQ
headed down to nicks realised we didnt bring vital parts of the tent
so we had strings tied to trees everywhere…which was seriously
stupid tranna get to the toilet in the night
had a luagh ova are 3 min pizza’s n cheese buttys
general had a relaxin fun night *wink wink*
twas great i ad a laugh.. nearly broke my neck falling off the chair
whilst burning paper fireballs came flaming towrds me lol
n then we got scared to death thinkin the BFM was tranna kill us

2 Responses to “CAMPING AT NICKS”

  1. Jess Says:

    Dat was soo fun fanx 4 invitin me babe!I pissed my self wen you fell off that chair!lol mwhaha! and Bacardi and Vimto is surprisingly nice unlike dat red wine! luv ya! x x x

  2. kate Says:

    wait till i see nick , the ninny