went bowlin for meggys bday.. was really fun
the loudest lane in there lol.. well u no wot were like
makin so much racket wen someone bowled.. so we ad 2 games all sang appy bday real loud!!
then went KFC for dina.. well u no u can get those free refiles
n wen u used to blow ur chocolate milk as a child
doin that really vigerassly n mixed drink was goin everywhere!!!!
lol i was hidin behind a napkin
then we started throwin ice at eachother ( this wos outside BTW)
i tried to kick on e my shoe came off went flyin nearly on the roof hit the sign
went bk round are end.. playes bulltig take down which was so funny
wen u laguhs it hurt.. then till dark just played catch chattin.. had a really strange convo
with meg n angie bout if we were the only ppl left on the earth while waitin for angies bus
which never came..

One Response to “MEGGY BDAY THING”

  1. Jess Says:

    I ad a gr8 time!
    Bowlin woz well fun fanx agen meggy’s mum!