got all my year 10 tests next week *gulps*
wish me luck!!!
sorry i avnt bin on much.. bin studyin too hard for my german
after the whole french episode.. but hey it pay’d off 19/20 marks
im well chuffed… just gotta make up on the french now
lvya all lots

4 Responses to “TESTS :(”

  1. Jess C Says:

    Hey K8!! Well done on ur German- I got da same in mi Spanish!! C u on Monday babe! luv Jess xxx

  2. paula Says:

    well done hun…really proud of you
    and please dont worry just relax in your french and you
    will be fine

    love u xx

  3. kate Says:

    hey biggy well done , i’m very proud of you , just keep your cool xxxxxxlove you

  4. Jess Says:

    Go kate! Good luck in da rest of em babe, c u soon, luv ya