about a week ago i ad a sleepover
wiv da crew n suff… started off really good..
was soo much fun.. did chicken limbo n twista n genrally
was avin a laugh
(o n we baked a breast cake)
but ye.. ppl hu were there
knows what happned.. n generally it did spoil the nite
but i spose its somethin to learn from
im just sorry angie xxxx

2 Responses to “YET ANUVA SLEEPOVER”

  1. megan Says:

    how fun was the limbo!!! infact how fun was the whole nite, ewwwwwwww but not that confusing but disturbing film SAW!!!

  2. x kels x Says:

    where the hell am i??? im so depressed im not on any pics!!! (im not bein serious u just cant tell my tone when i rite it) hehe luv yaz xxxxxx