after the skatepark yesterday
we went down to bobs pmsl (morrisons underground carpark)
n had races in trollys lol
got pushed around by everyone really fast n it was great
pushed jake into a curb by accident n he went flyin out (sorry jake :()
but then we lernt with only one quid we cud get mur than 1 trolly
so we connected 3 trollys togeva n went flyin down this ramp
first couple of times went great and it was sooo funny
tv program fun
but the last time lol..went a bit faster.. went outta controll
n was aimin for this wall… simon jumped out
and to stop us flyin ova the edge i had to stick my leg out in ordor to SAVE US ALL!!!
ended up in hospital im now on crutchies ….

2 Responses to “TROLLY RACIN”

  1. Jess Says:

    Ive still got bruises on mi knees!

  2. kate Says:

    kate ,,,,,,, stop it xxxxxx