was an amazin weekend as usual
chloe slept at mine on friday
saturday me,jess,vikki,claire,megan
went down to nicks, was great messed in the
forest for a bit,,crossin this big river on a tree lol
then simon came, n we went in this really muddy bit
n everyone kept gettin stuck
u got 1 foot free then the otha got stuck
n u get stuck helpin otha ppl gettin unstuck
untill in the end we were all stuck in this mud
claire tried helpin me out but pulled me n i went head first into the mud..
i tried helpin jess,,the branch i was leanin on snapped n i felll in the river
all got cleaned up n pilled in mine for a game of pictionary…
had millie ova.. then slept at vikkis…

One Response to “wochenden”

  1. Jess Says:

    It was really fun even do i came home coverd in mud!!!!!!!!!!!!