Catch up

slept at jess’s last nite
was really kool, we decorated the snug
n ofcourse me n kelsey took it a step2far
and had an aggressive pen fight.
was great, lol, n we made up are S.O.P
rules.(Sleep Over Posse) i ad a kool time
o and they tride to turn me into a blue 🙁

4 Responses to “Catch up”

  1. kels Says:

    i cant believe we didnt take a pic of the fairy cake!!! i spent so many minutes on that!!! he he

  2. k8 Says:

    i know!!!! i took all the pictures after i finished it. but dint it luk amazin wen it was finished lol!!!
    GO US!!!!!!!!!
    k8 xxxxx

  3. k8 Says:

    ps. the pen fight went bit overboard dint it lol

  4. rob Says:

    hey babe,
    looks like ya had a kewl time, but you eva turn blue, and they’ll be trouble, lol ;OP