saturday to remember

had like the bestest saturday eva
was sooooooo fun
i mean the best bit was wen we were
playin like a kidnap game, boyz v girlz
n had to get every memba of the other
team hostage, n we had all the boys trapped
in the back of nicks van, while we were in
the front listenin to music!!!then we let em
out n danced in and out of the van, n just
had a FAB time, course u had to be there
to get the whole affect, friday was good to
wen on the field till late, n vicky stayed over
we baked cakes, n me n megan made n gr8
weddin march song lol !!!!!!!

One Response to “saturday to remember”

  1. Lotte Says:

    He I’m lotte, nice face 😉 I was searching on the internet, than i saw you! i’m from the netherlands. i don’t know why i’m writing this. but i just wanna say that you looked awesome. bye bye Lotte 🙂