ITS ALL FUN!!!!!(luv summa hols)

hey!!!!me,si,vicky n jamie slept in my
garden last nite, unda the gazebo!!!
it was koooool!! sat round all snugged
with blankets talkin about memories.
and occationally having to empty the roof lol
dint take any pics tho 🙁 but anyway, me n
vicky went up to harrop edge to watch the thunder
it was kool!!we saw loads of lightenin!!,den we sat
in vickys doorway, as it started hailstonin the
size of marbles lol!!, we came in n did some bakin
just about to sit down n watch a film with our cakes
n some wkd’s!!! its all good!!!!!!! x x x x

2 Responses to “ITS ALL FUN!!!!!(luv summa hols)”

  1. paula Says:

    did you save me a cake???

  2. kate Says:

    sorry p,i forgot 🙁 oopps