wow wat a kool week,
went to the fair on sunday,
monday..went to ashton,
tuesday.. slept at jess’s ( he he)
wednesday.. went out wiv chloe n laura
n went cinema with nick…
thursday…went cinema n vicky slept!!!
its all good….
and will ppl plz start leavin comments!!!

5 Responses to “ITS ALL GUD!!”

  1. paula Says:

    whats the point in leaving comment mate…you are never there…lol

  2. Johannah Darby Says:

    u seemed to hav a ded gd time!! hope u had lots of fun!! luved the pic wiv yas all dressed up- funny (hehe) invite me 2 ur nest sleepova- not reely lol but neways… i was jus lookin for stuf to do on my sleepova tongiht and i saw ur site got ne suggestions plz right bak and tell iz byexxxxx

  3. Johannah Darby Says:

    hiya, u seemed to hav a ded gd time on ur sleepova, luved the pics speshly the 1’s wiv yas all dressed up on- i was lookin for gd stuff to do on my sleepova tonight wen i saw ur site- got ne suggestions write bak to johannahkate@hotmail.com– if u hav msn add me! byexxx

  4. kate Says:

    yeah dnt plan anythin, let everythin happen at the spur of the moment
    get everyone giddy by puttin music on n dancin, n usually somethin kool happens( if u have mad enough friends)

  5. Jess Says:

    Hey k8 i luv u ur blog is so kool