IM BACK!!!!!

hey!! how was rainy england
while i was off in the scorchin sunny spain
he he!!!had an amazin time, it was really gud
but if i told u about it all on here, there wud
be too much to read, so if ya just ask me
how it went, ill be sure to fill ya in 😉
so ill just let ya ave a nosey at the pics!!

wow that was alot

2 Responses to “IM BACK!!!!!”

  1. laura Says:

    hi k8 hope u had a gr8t time on your holerday it looks like you did c ya soon luv laura

  2. Jock McTavish Says:

    well laura, at least she can go on ‘olideay, me? ah’m just stuck here in england all the time, ah would rather go to my own country, ah donnae belong here!