went to manchester today!!!!
take a look…….

he he he lol

4 Responses to “Manchester”

  1. pete Says:

    Ok K8 You’ve over taken me on hits!!lol
    Think ya good??? lol well let me tell ya ok……..
    ok you probably are!! lol. If you read my blog now
    you’ll know that a man like me has to attend 21st Parties
    without camera…..(thanks paula – we’ll talk later!!lol)
    Ive got to worry about cot bedding & prices of nappies.
    FRIGHTENING thought i tell ya!!
    The “The Pete Myster General! changing nappies!!
    What next??……..you’ll be liking the Darkness!!lol
    (hey….don;t knock em…….Rock n Roll is coming back!!)

    David Lee Roth next friday – best frontman who ever lived…….ever heard of Van Halen???!!!)

    If you don’t know who DLR is kids, get looking him up.
    Best human (barr Kentucky Fried Chicken) living!!

    Anyway – thats it, im off, have a top time skiing mate if
    i don;t speak to you before!! Bring me back a snowball!!lol



  2. shelly Says:

    omg pmsl. dats well funni even tho me n cloe were da 1’s hu told dem 2 do it lol

  3. Jane Says:

    Whit wooooo lookin gooooooooooood!!!!

  4. strongy Says:

    I wish i was a girl ur so lucky u girls ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!