The champions

the best team won!!!!
hay its not my fault i was born in a red family
and went to a red primary school!!!!
it in my blood!!!!!!
4 – 2 what a match

12 Responses to “The champions”

  1. shell Says:

    errrrrrrrrrrr no!!!!!!!!!!!!! city city lol

  2. shell Says:

    i 4got 2 say summat
    go on u blues
    lol soz i ad 2

  3. kate Says:

    well who lost eh ????????
    coff coff

  4. not tellin Says:

    i’m glad they won

  5. kate Says:

    whoose not telling????????

  6. chloe Says:

    city r da best i know they dint win but we’ll always b da best team!!!

  7. Vicky Says:

    reds r da best 4 eva

  8. ????????????? Says:

    I agree with Kate!! City r CRAP!!!!!

  9. Rob Says:

    UNITED RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. kate Says:

    who is this anonomus person that keeps leaving comments do i know u???????

  11. bob Says:

    hi manu are the best

  12. sean Says:

    man utd are the best