SMILE!!!!!!!!!!! everyone!!! 🙂
o and before! me and Cloe had a flour and cake do fight!!!! he he!!!!

michelle was getting bit close to Mr Parker to!!!!

8 Responses to “DISCO!!!!”

  1. shell Says:

    lol luk at jess’ face hehe

  2. Stroud Says:

    hey wuts up, just checkin out your webpage, some chix on there are pretty hott… well holla back… l8r

  3. kate Says:

    who’s stroud????

  4. jamie Says:

    K8 you ave a perv on your site STROUD who the hell is he

  5. not tellin Says:

    maybe e int a perv.
    e might just like them

  6. not tellin Says:

    i never knew michelle could ever be so much of a B****

  7. louise Says:

    did dat flour taste nice,lol,

  8. Cec Says:

    Damn right the flour must have tasted damn sexy!! LOL n ppl u better watch out – tis JAMIE who is the perrv 😉 lol kiddin, maybe stroud is a close relative of john spok *signals peace sigh enthusiastically* – it could happen ppl!! :O