chloe!!!!! sleepover!!! he he

he he he !!!! me and laura slept at chloes last nite!
lol it was proper funni!!!
and the film was good to ( scary movie 3) the 8 mile bit is great ; )
i got my finger stuck in the sleeping bag lol……

13 Responses to “chloe!!!!! sleepover!!! he he”

  1. chloe Says:

    omg. how bad i luk. i luk rough coz im not well!!!! 🙁 da nite was gud, but it cud av bin better, if it wasnt 4 my cold. lol

    ihelped k8 out wid her finger!! 🙂 luv cloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. laura Says:

    lol k8 it was so fune wen you got your finger stuck in the zip
    luv *laur*

  3. kate Says:

    yeah it was funni!!!]
    but it dinhalf hurt!!!
    xxxxxxx k8 xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Amanda Says:

    Omg that sleepover was sooo fun.. but i wish u werent sick cause then it would have even been more fun!!! remember when when u steped in dog crap BARE FOOT!!!!!! omg halarious bff.. i love ya girl

  5. chloé from france Says:

    hello my name’s chloé too , and i’m from france (paris!) ..i don’t speak very well your language so i speak mine

    ton blog est vraiment sympa, les petits montages photos et tout c marrant,j’ai moi aussi un blog qui ressemble pas mal au tien , comme quoi on peut se ressembler meme si on est trés different…

  6. Harriet Says:

    hey, just randomly found your photo on google, u hav the same sofa as us!! were in a student house in bournemouth, its the second picture wev seen of someone on the same sofa…it was in nuts! (the magazine) didnt think theyd made any of them!! did u find it as uncomfortable as we do?! lol what a strange message this is!

  7. Chloe' Says:

    heyy i just wanted to say i thought that was me .Cuz i was at a sleepover and i started to fall asleep by bff said that she would take a pic of me and put it on the net?!.how freaky i thought u wereme chloe by the way my name is chloe:0) !

  8. chloe Says:

    Hey my names chloe too. i found ur site randomly on the net. on google images of chloe on the couch. srry this is just a random message

  9. Doug Says:

    Well, I was just looking for cute girls….. found them!! You are all tops! Have a GREAT DAY!! Bye 🙂

  10. abdo Says:


  11. jess Says:

    heyaz errr jus found ur site lol dnt kno u lol bt i bet ur sleepova waz fun!! cudda bin betta if u ad drink bt im a piss ed so i wud say tat lol newai i bet ur finger waz killin lukz fuked up lol

    newai l8az lv jess xx

  12. chloe nd laura Says:

    We r called chloe nd laura 2 wow what bout dat nd chloe had a sleepover as well which was fab lol and we fanci cameron nd ben to yer woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!1 mayb u do to haha it itys a twin thing byexxxxxxxxx

  13. hi Says:

    omg chloe lk at u u looks so funni hehe