2 days!!!!!

half nine tuesday nite
2 days till my birthday,
crnt believe im not bouncing of the walls by now
might have something to do with how tired i am
or the cold ive got
hope i get better for the holiday
oh by da way, you might have noticed that some posts
have vanished from dis page
dont worry you can still check dem out in catargory links
such as in mates and general ; )
if i dont cya have a good crimbo xxxxxx

3 Responses to “2 days!!!!!”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hi mate. How ya doin? Thanks for the comment – That was me looking rather drained of energy – this PC has been driving me nuts. lol

  2. kate Says:

    awwww poor you
    im ok im really stuffed up with a coled though
    its my b day tomoz!!!!!!! yay
    seeya tomoz luv k8 xxxxx

  3. Mike Says:

    You can also see the old posts in the archives for each month. Over there on the right, just above the calendar.