just got back from chloe’s
we went caroling and stuff
o yeah, and loads of techers were at the gun in
so i went in and said hi
becki got a hug from mr casey.
it was well fun
giv us a pose michelle…..

wow lol

4 Responses to “chloes”

  1. shell Says:

    dats not a gud pic ov me!!!!!
    i got sum spots on mi ed (embarrasin) (lol)

  2. chloe Says:

    dats not a gud pic ov me either!!! i want ready! lol da gun inn bit was well fun!! all da teachers were kissin (on da cheeks) n everyfin! da nite was cool!! especially da carol singin! dat was fun!!!

    luv cloe x

  3. kate Says:

    yeah i thought that was well good
    sorry ill warn you next time
    if i dont speak to you both
    ave a good crimbo xxxxxx k8

  4. paula Says:

    why are you all talking like rappers?? lol